Yoga asana and pranayama

First of all, for your safety and comfort

  • Do not eat for 2 hours before class. 3 is even better.
  • Sip plenty of water the day before class and on the day of your class. If you need a drink during yoga, limit your intake.
  • Bring a mat. Eco mats are for sale here.
  • Bring a blanket for relaxation at the end.

Please be in the room every week 5 minutes before class starts. Respect the atmosphere. Never enter a class late.

If you have any injuries or physical issues get medical advice if you are concerned. Tell me if you are unable to function as normally so that I can advise you on things to avoid if necessary.


Hatha yoga is shared through oral transmission. It is something that has to be felt in order to be known. This micro-description relates to the physical elements:

Yoga asana limbers up the body through mindful movement.

Pranayama focuses on prana, our vital energy. It is all about the life force. Pranayama breathing exercises reduce stiffness, ease cravings, and soothe the mental state.

Here is the entrance to the Listowel venue. Maybe you will check it out in daylight before your first class so that you know where it is?


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