yoga terms

Here are my terms, along with some questions that often come up:


Be in the space 5 minutes before class begins. No late entry is permitted.

2.Comfort and safety

Follow the advice given. It is your responsibility to inform me about any injuries or physical issues.


Payments are non-refundable. Classes must take consecutively.


You can sell your course to someone else if you are unable to attend. After you arrange everything, the person taking your place must contact me at least 3 days before their first class.

If you have any other questions call me for a chat or send an email.

5. Unsure about yoga? If you are pregnant, or if you struggle to manage stairs / have physical limitations, get advice from someone who is clinically-trained before you make a booking. Also, make sure to read the description notes about each course.

Some common questions:

Q1. My knee (or some other body part) gives me trouble. Is yoga suitable for me?

When it comes to restrictions, injuries and ailments, only you know how you are feeling. I am not medically qualified, so for you to be comfortable and safe, please chat with your doctor or a clinically-trained advisor first. Read number 5 above also.

Q2. Do you provide mats?

I do not lend out any mats. If you would like to buy an eco mat from me, read more here. Bring your own yoga mat if you wish.

Q3. I can’t make every session because of work. Can I come and go?

Courses are not casual and I do not offer ‘drop in’ yoga. You might be able to book ahead, and pay in advance for, specific dates.

Q4 Is there a ‘pay as you go’ option?

No, however it is possible to pay for a course in two installments.

Q5. If I miss one class because I am unwell can I go another time?

There are no transfers, refunds, or credit given for missed classes.

Q6. Some evenings I feel so tired that I couldn’t be arsed getting off the sofa. Can I attend an extra class next term if I miss one ?

It happens. Please see above.

Q7. I am a beginner, and I do not want to book a full course. Can I just take one to see how it goes?

You can book a private class or attend a workshop. Sometimes I offer an introduction mini-course of 3 classes. You might win a free class in one of my prize draws if you are lucky.