Pregnancy yoga


Would you like yoga for pregnancy in your home for yourself or for a group of friends? I can help. Courses also run in public venues.

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Whether you have practiced yoga before or not, there are many benefits to it during pregnancy.

Around 12 weeks is a good time to start. Please check with your midwife, doula, or doctor before you book yoga.

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1.You’ll get to meet other pregnant women. I am a mother too, and if you connect with more women on the journey to motherhood, you will feel supported.

2.Prenatal yoga is gentle. It reduces stress hormone levels, and less cortisol production means less anxiety for you. Through yoga you can train your body to relax.

Photo by Thiago Borges

3.Bringing a baby into the world is extraordinary. Yoga will increase your flexibility to get you ready for labour.

4.Breathwork soothes the nervous system. Yoga also improves blood flow to the heart, providing your unborn(s) with oxygen-rich blood to assist with healthy development in the womb.


When I was pregnant it felt exciting, scarey, and miraculous all at once. There were cravings for bon-bons too: only the lemon flavoured ones would do me! Meeting my son for first time was an incredible moment. I love how yoga supports women at every stage of life.



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