About me


My first teacher was from India, and regular yoga practice brought relief from the chronic pain that I had lived with for many years. As my vitality improved I began sharing yoga with others, met some inspiring teachers along the way, then took yoga teacher training with Sara Jolanta (Satyananda school) and Lindita Velija.


In 2020 I focused on reading yoga research. The papers that investigated the benefits of yoga in a structured, scientific way as well as through casual accounts had been published worldwide from 1960-2020. While the Sociology of Health at MA level was interesting, I believee that the most important study of all is self-study.

By ‘self-study’ I mean developing one’s gifts to make life meaningful and knowing what to avoid. I am a mother, qualified to teach pregnancy yoga, and also trained in ‘Teaching Yoga for the Stages of Menopause‘ with Niamh Daly.


My interest is in teaching in a way that nourishes people. It is not about yoga as performance or pushing anyone to extremes. In reality body and mind are one, however many people feel as if they are constantly living in their heads. Yoga helps by slowing down the endless thoughts and nourishing us physically.


Yoga is rooted in Indian philosophy and has served humanity for over 5000 years. Endless studies have shown that it benefits heart, brain, and bone health. Here in Ireland many people apply it as a way of soothing stress and anxiety.

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