Little changes (the miracle of small steps for better health).

BKS Iyengar came from India to teach yoga to Europeans in the 1950s. At one stage he had a scooter accident that dislocated his spine. That motivated him to go on to explore the use of props that would help disabled people practice yoga asana (poses).

Not every disability or ailment is visible. When I turned to yoga, it was initially to get relief from fibromyalgia and five years of pain. Back then, the medical community knew very little about the fibromyalgia syndrome.

Making changes

Today I am fine 95% of the time and enjoying life simply because of little changes that I made, bit by bit.

Being able to introduce changes to one’s lifestyle is a massive privilege! It is not to be taken for granted.

Photo by Marta Wave

October tweaks

My changes are simple for October. I am ignoring the phone after a certain time every afternoon unless it is my son or a friend calling. I am also going to bed earlier and enjoying a few minutes of yoga first, which brings deeper rest.

If you can make even one small change for yourself this month, and you know that you need to for the good of your health, do it. Life is short.


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