Balance, the brain, and learning.

September, for many people, is about a return to structure and learning. Some of that will happen in schools, colleges, and adult learning centres. Other people will take training courses or upskill on the job.

Whether you are learning as a student, studying casually or doing so at work, did you know that you can boost your brain power through yoga and movement? A short sessiont before you apply your mind to any learning task can help you to concentrate.

Intense physical activity of all types causes blood to flow to the brain. This in turn fires up your neurons and promotes cell growth, especially in the hippocampus are of the brain. The hippocampus supports learning and memory function.

Just 20 minutes of exercise before studying can improve your concentration and help to focus your experience.

Not everyone practices yoga. Any kind of a workout, or even walking briskly to a venue or cycling there will benefit your intellect.


Kathryn Crowley is a tutor who works in-person with groups and private clients in Kerry. She also offers a one-to-one online service.

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